Tim Anderson—Résumé

tim [at] mokapost [dot] com

I love solving problems. My focus is on people, their needs, and creating solutions for them. I’m a voracious reader and continually discover opportunities to apply what I learn to my craft, with a holistic perspective developed by years of working with large and small businesses as both a designer and an implementer.

UBM (’13 – ’18)

My primary responsibility (as a contractor and later full-time as a senior developer) was doing front- and back-end development on a Drupal-based platform that hosts over 100 sites. Also maintained hand-coded sites and ones built with WordPress and Dreamweaver.

I created automation pipelines to assist the development, product, and marketing teams with repetitive tasks, from the mundane (code linting and compiling) to the complex (remote management of over 100 sites, including spinning up new sites and updating existing ones).

Additionally, I assisted coworkers with training, pair-programming, troubleshooting, and maintaining their dev environments.

Noteworthy projects:

Contract (’12 – Present)

As a contractor, I work with businesses to understand their needs and create tools to fulfill them, including marketing sites, custom software, and workflow automation. I focus on robust solutions, not temporary patches, and the timely delivery of work that will last and be maintainable.

Noteworthy projects:

KOAA-TV (’07 – ’12)

Graphic designer for the NBC TV station in Colorado Springs. Responsibilities also included directing, editing, and visual effects for promotional spots. This is when I began to develop software for professional purposes.

Noteworthy projects: